COUNTDOWN launches in Liverpool with a special guest from Liberia by @sci_ntds

By Alan Fenwick, Imperial College

The presence of Dr Anthony Bettee at the COUNTDOWN launch was poignant because he had flown from Liberia. In two weeks, providing there are no new cases, Liberia will be declared Ebola free. However during the last 9 months almost 200 health workers have paid the price for their dedication and loyalty and lost their lives to Ebola infection. Despite this tragic result Liberia is ready to restart treatment of schistosomiasis and STH. We wish them well.

Other speakers included Nana Biritwum and Margaret Gyapong who were both brilliant. Louis Albert Tchuem Tchuente gave the Cameroon perspective.

The project will be directed by Professor Russell Stothard and I hope he thrives and grasps this exciting DFID funded research project.

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